Three-cylinder Dryer

Three-cylinder Dryer manufacturer in Henan province in China

Three-cylinder Dryer is manufactured from Henan Shibo,It (Three-cylinder Dryer) is the main mineral processing solutions.

Shibo stone crushing machine project--Three-cylinder Dryer

Henan Shibo machinery co. (Three-cylinder Dryer) is a professional production of stone crushing machine.Three-cylinder Dryer Sales and Widely used in Europe, South America, Africa, East Asia and Asia region.

Product Overview:

Three drum dryer in the wet material drying equipment products, the three-cylinder rotary dryer in monocular rotary dryer based on the improvement of energy-efficient products.

Three-cylinder Dryer Performance and Features

1. The outlet temperature is low, dust removal equipment long time

2. materials final moisture to ensure 0.5%, dry mixed mortar and slag powder production line product of choice

3. Self-cylinder insulation thermal efficiency up to 70% (traditional monocular dryer thermal efficiency of only 35%), improve thermal efficiency by 35%

4. The fuel can be adapted to coal, oil and gas. You can bake 20mm below the block material, pellets and powder materials

5. The reduction in than monocular dryer covers an area of about 50%, reduce construction investment is about 50%, 60% reduction in power consumption

6. According to user requirements easily control the desired final moisture indicators

Technical Parameter:

Model KTH2.6×7m KTH3×7.6m KTH3.3×7.8m KTH3.6×8m
Diameter of Outer Cylinder (m) Φ2.6 Φ3 Φ3.3 Φ3.6
Length of Outer Cylinder (m) 7 7.6 7.8 8
Rotary Speed (r/min) 2~5 2~5 2~5 2~5
Dryer Stype Down Stream
Capacity (t/h) Slag Grit Slag Grit Slag Grit Slag Grit
25-33 27-35 43-52 45-55 60-68 65-73 80-90 85-95
Original Moisture (%) 13 10 13 10 13 10 13 10
Finished Moisture (%) 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1
Highest Air Inlet Temperature (℃) ≤ 900
Utter Temperature of Waste Gas (℃) 70-80
Thermal Efficiency > 85%
Evaporation Intensity 60-80Kg H2O/m3. h
Standard Coal Consumption (kg/t) 6-8 6-8 6-8 5-8
Geared Motor Model XWDY11-8180-35 XWDY7.5-8175-35 XWDY11-8180-35 XWDY15-8195-47
Motor Power (kw) 2×11 4×7.5 4×11 4×15

Main Parts Technical Parameter:

Name Model
Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer KTH2.6×7m KTH3×7.6m KTH3.3×7.8m KTH3.6×8m
Fluidized Bed Furnace KF2.7 KF3.18 KF3.69 KF4.25
Blast Blower Depends on Fluidized Bed Furnace
Dust Catcher HPC64-7 HPC64-2×5 HPC64-2×6 HPC64-2×8
Dedusting and Draught Fan Depends on Dust Catcher